Though the album, Love Hierarchy marks Jesse Laine’s recording artist debut, he has a life long history of expression in a variety of musically creative ways. Between producing and/or engineering albums for Toronto indie artists; scoring film/TV soundtracks; restoring vintage instruments; and playing various instruments in various bands, Laine has also designed and built his own recording studio – all the while gigging as a professional pipe organ tuner for churches and concert halls (check out Jesse giving a tour of Canada’s largest pipe organ: Metropolitan Pipe Organ).

Laine has spent most his life near the Toronto Beaches where he and the studio currently reside.  After years of performing in pop/rock bands around Toronto and abroad, Laine went on to study jazz piano performance and arranging at Humber College.

In many ways informed by the music and culture of the 60’s and 70’s, Laine holds a great interest in philosophy and spirituality – a recurrent thread and theme through his writing. Influences range musically from Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin to Van Morrison, and philosophically from Carlos Castaneda to Li Hongzhi – Laine credits the latter’s writings and qi gong practice, Falun Dafa, with healing chronic physical ailments that had him bedridden for days at a time.

In 2002 Laine began designing and building Ivy Laine Studio, his own audio laboratory from which to experiment with his passion for tone and timbre. The use of various custom built and modified gear adds unique character to Laine’s sound and music.

This life journey culminates in the entirely self-composed, performed, and produced album Love Hierarchy, showcasing the diversity expected from a singer-songwriter/producer/sound engineer/multi-instrumentalist/jazz musician/pipe organ tuner/studio-builder. Well worth the wait, Love Hierarchy takes the listener on a musically rich ride with lyrics both introspective and thought provoking.


Jesse Laine ~ ‘Love Hierarchy’
Debut album now shipping and available for online download

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Truth on Tour: Artists Against the Persecution of Falun Gong
Compilation album Now Available!

Release date: July 15 2014

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