What’s a ‘Love Hierarchy’?

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September 24, 2012 by Jesse

I was mulling over album titles when I stumbled across a poem that I had forgot I’d written. It had kind of a lonely, uneasy feeling of displacement to it – but combined with rays of optimism, and a sense of purpose and support from behind the scenes. Like being alone onstage at a school play, lights blinding, fumbling to eek meaning out of the life lines of the precious script, aware of the pressure of a waiting but unseen audience. But, although unable to turn and see them, feeling unwavering support emanating from parents or teachers rooting for us in the wings behind the curtains.

All this tapped into an idea that had been perculating for awhile: that a main ingredient holding the universe together is something like love, and that it exists in a pyramid-like hierarchy. As in, at the top it’s form is sublime, light, joyous, generous – obvious to our association of love. But as it moves down the hierarchy, love’s form becomes more cumbersome, complicated, varied and involved to include obstacles, stumbles, hurt, pain, death – less obvious at this level in the hierarchy, but love nonetheless. Tough love maybe.

Then it struck me, what a perfect title for the album. From this perspective, it’s the unifying thread that weaves through all the highs and lows, grandeur and grit, loss and gain that these songs represent. And I’m grateful for it – thanks!


Love Hierarchy

Milk white angels
Luminescent skin of silk
Smiles radiant gold
Bounty of Blessings-

Veiled by a whisper
of ether
Scratching the edges,
Pulling the thread

Limbs of love
Connecting, embracing
Assuring, landing

Aching, conspicuous material absence.
A saga, generations, civilizations, mountains and oceans
of need
And absence – contractions of hunger


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